Coach Anthony Garbelotto Send Message to Saigon Heat Fans In Front of The First Playoffs Away Game

“Dear Saigon Heat fans,
We do not know how tomorrow nights game is going to go but I hope you will all watch the game some how online. Our team has prepared well and although we are playing the best team of the regular season we have the belief we can win this game. Knowing you are watching will give us a boost and help us play even better.
Win or lose tomorrow night we still believe that we can win on Saturday in Saigon. For this to happen the team will need to play a perfect game but we also need YOU… our fans. It is so important that we have you behind us from the first tip to the last. Over the years everyone knows that SGH has the most loyal and passionate fans.  Saturday I challenge you to take it to another level. We need the opposing team to feel like they are in a hostile environment and that winning is going to be really tough. On top of this, we need you to fuel our team. Let your energy and passion inspire us to another level.
Lets do this together……
Coach Anthony Garbelotto