And all the relentless effort of Tim is finally pay off. Our young talent has gained the trust from coach Kyle Julius and he will now be in the active roster for this ABL season.

With the excellent ability to play lockdown defense, providing effective rebounds, and adding the grind, the grit and the toughness to Saigon Heat, the 20-year-old player are expected to become an important piece of the team at the ABL 9.

Although he was not in the 12-man squad in the first place, but Tim never gave up. He worked even harder to prove himself, and coach Kyle Julius really loves his attitude and fighting spirit. So he made a decision of putting Tim into our active roster. “The cultural values we set out to build here with the SGH start with every single person involved earning their opportunity. Tim has earned this opportunity and because of his passion and work ethic he makes our team better everyday. He is working through a plan to one day be a major contributor to our team. If he keeps improving the way he has over the past year that day will come sooner rather than later.” – coach Kyle has high hope on his student.

And Tim is so ready for new challenges at ABL9: “I’m grateful for this opportunity, and I’ll continue to do what got me here in the first place. Being better than yesterday, playing hard as s**t and being the best teammate I can be. Thank you Heat fans for giving me your strength.” 

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