There are reasons why basketball is a top 3 most popular sports in the world. When basketball’s excitement collides with Vietnamese passion, basketball’s popularity explodes in Vietnam. Saigon Heat is the major catalyst of basketball’s development in Vietnam because Saigon Heat has done thorough good job in every phase of the game including the quality of players, novel in-game entertainment, savvy marketing activities, and wide exposure on TV & other mass media channels. Representing Vietnam in ASEAN Basketball League, Saigon Heat creates an aspiration that Vietnamese can compete athletically, professionally, and internationally. Saigon Heat seeks to inspire the youth of Vietnam to get stronger through playing basketball.


The Heat is more than a sport team but also a family where all the players both imports and locals help each other to improve and progress. That gives a cause to the fact that local basketball players of The Heat have gradually bridged the gap in compared with the US imports and Filipinos.


Consisted of sports enthusiasts and hip urban youths, widely regarded as the most loyal and enthusiastic fans in the league, Saigon Heat’s fans create an insurmountable advantage for their home team. The Heat’s fans are the best ambassadors of basketball in Vietnam.


Founded in 2012, Saigon Heatgirls have been cheering the crowds and the Saigon Heat players at their home games in Vietnam. The Heatgirls have brought a brand-new atmosphere to the intense games by their dynamic, sexy and attractive dance steps, which is indispensable to the Saigon Heat’s victories.

MR 30

As an indispensable factor in every Saigon Heat’s home game, the team’s mascot always gives the audience adorable and energetic performances. Mr.30 is the symbol of Saigon Heat’s power and determination to gain victories.

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