In preparation for ABL 10, Saigon Heat has signed a new - yet very familiar player.

In preparation for ABL 10, Saigon Heat has signed a new - yet very familiar player. After the historic win in an ABL 9 Playoff game, Saigon Heat is determined to surpass their record this time around.

With the recent victory at the VBA 2019, the future of the team is looking very promising. In the upcoming ABL 10, the Saigon Heat will be under the guidance of Coach Kevin Yurkus. One of his first acts as Head coach is officially signing the first local to prepare for the new season.

This is the first time Tam Dinh joins Saigon Heat in ABL.

With expectations at an all-time high, Coach Kevin being true to form, has just signed the "VBA 2019 Season MVP" awardee, Tam Dinh. Although he has never had any experience playing in the ABL, the 4 seasons he has played in VBA clearly shows his potential and talent.

Coach Kevin Yurkus is really proud of his former player: “Tam has been one of the best players in Vietnam for several years. He’s a champion, multiple MVP and one of the best people that we have in Vietnam. We are very excited to finally have Tam playing for Saigon Heat in the ABL. He will be a major contributor for our team this season.”

For 3 consecutive years, Tâm Đinh and Cantho Catfish were a constant force to reckon with in the VBA finals, they won their first championship in 2018. He has been honored with several awards, best among them are "Best Heritage Player of the year" in 2017 and "MVP of the Season” in 2019. It is quite clear that Tam Dinh is one of the top stars of the current crop of Vietnamese basketball players.

Tam Dinh has been playing for Cantho Catfish in the VBA for 3 years.

With his impressive physique and ability to control the game coupled with his understanding of the tactics of coach Kevin Yurkus, Tam Dinh is expected to hit the ground running as soon as training camp begins and help Saigon Heat to achieve greater heights in ABL 10.

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