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We're proud to be a member of XLE Entertainment Ecosystem.





"We just want to make a difference in life with sport as a medium"

– Mr Henry Nguyen / Founder of XLE Group –

We believe in building a successful team

We believe that more than being a WINNING competitive sports team, we need to be a pioneering basketball organization that will become a model organization in Vietnam’s sports history.

We believe in making a difference

We believe in our impact – no matter how big or small – to affect lives, influence communities, contribute to society, and push our country forward


"We're aspired to be international mindset and Vietnamese at HEART"

Mr Connor Nguyen / Chairman of XLE Group

Home to all

HOME is where we play, where we gather as fans, where we share the joys of victory and the frustrations of loss. Where there is a Saigonese or #HEATFAN, there is HOME


We are not afraid to risk trying new things for the excitement of it and to adapt our game accordingly!


We’re the 1st back to back champion in VBA’s history.

Role model mentality

We are accountable not only of ourselves but of the impact that we make especially for NEXT- GENERATION HEAT

Taste for life

As true Saigonese, we uphold and promote our passion for everything good and can be shared as a community – food, music, fashion, and arts.